Schnitty Thursdays

August 8, 2012

Featuring Melbas Resident DJs / Bands


Mick Ellen

Mick Ellen Mick Ellen is best described in one simple phrase “100% Party Animal” so it’s little surprise he is a long standing resident DJ at Melbas On The Park, the Gold Coast’s most iconic party venue. Mick Ellen didn’t earn the reputation as the Gold Coast’s number 1 party DJ over night his skills were forged old school style with plenty of hard yards and hours on the decks under his belt. From an early age (some would say underage) he began honing his DJ skills at local bars & clubs in his hometown of Orange. If there was even a sniff of a party happening rest assured Mick was at its core. It didn’t take Mick long to out grow his home town so with CD cases packed & his headphones over his shoulder, Mick set out on the party trail in search for the perfect party venue. After lighting up Pubs & Clubs along the east coast of Australia Mick landed on the Gold Coast in 2002. Since then he has been resident DJ at nearly all of the Gold Coast major venues. In this time Mick Ellen has carved out a niche as the “Mr Goodtimes”. Mick’s wide repertoire of music and instinctual ability to read a room set him apart as a true master at weaving threads of tunes into fantastic tapestries of fun. As Mick lives his dream to be Australia’s foremost party DJ it is little wonder he now calls Melbas - the Gold Coast number 1 party venue - home.

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